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On Crushes…
Me: “So, I have this tiny, little obsessive crush on him. But I’m not sure he realizes I exist. He basically ignores me and never talks.”
Roomie: “Oh! He must just be shy. Don’t worry!”
(5 days later…)
Roomie: “Geen-juh! I talked to him. I said ‘Now, listen, you know Geen-juh is my roomie, so pleased don’t crush-ed her. Please be nicer and act more caring to her.’ So, I think from now on he will be much kinder and not crush you anymore.”

From America…
Him: “So, how is it over there? How are you fitting in?”
Me: “It’s okay. I’m adjusting pretty well. I’m having problems getting dressed in the morning.”
Him: “How so?”
Me: “It’s weird because I’ve been dressing the same for years…. but here that look is trendy and I don’t like being so trendy.”
Him: “Hahahaha.”
Me: “What’s funny?”
Him: “Your desire to be different over keeping a style that you like.”
Me: “Well, when you put it that way it’s ridiculous!”

On White Lies…
Her: “Koreans don’t always say the truth.”
Me: “What do you mean?”
Her: “Like, if someone looks old, we don’t say to them. We say ‘Oh! No, you have young face! Don’t worry!'”
Me (reflecting on the past four weeks): “Hmmm…”
Her: “Oh, I think many people have said this to you when you say your age is 32! Don’t worry! You have young face.”

Live From Denmark…
Director: “I am looking for people who play musical instruments for a performance we will have in May. Does anyone play an instrument?”
Me: “Uh, I played the violin when I was really young.”
Danish Adoptee: “Yes, I also played the recorder when I was really young, for like six years.”
American Adoptee: “Hm. I don’t think the recorder is the same thing in America.”
Danish Adoptee: “Why do you say that?”
American Adoptee: “Because in America people don’t play the recorder for multiple years; it’s just this piece of plastic with holes in it.”
Danish Adoptee (blinking): “Yes, that’s what it is in Denmark too.”

Double Entendres…
Me: “Um, we really don’t like cockroaches in our room. Can you take care of that?”
Him: “Why you don’t like cock-? It tastes good, like chocolate ^ ^…”
Other Adoptee: “Yeah, don’t you like cock???”
Him (to other adoptee): “Oh, do you also like cock…? G, when you find cock…, put it in her room so she will not be alone anymore.”