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To Sunny San Diego!  Except it wasn’t sunny.  And my sister isn’t a baby anymore.  About some things.




Krista:  “Ginger, are we gonna leave soon?”

ME:  “Ummmm, does that mean I have to get out of bed?”

K: “Yes.”

ME: “Maybe in an hour.”


One Hour Later…


K:  “Ginger, are we gonna leave soon?”

ME:  “Ummmm, does that mean I have to put clothes on?”

K: “Yes.”

ME: “Maybe in a half an hour.”


One Hour Later…



ME: “GOD, STOP YELLING AT ME!  I’m ready.  I just have to do this list of errands and then we can leave town.”


4 Hours Later…


K: “Ginger, can we leave now?”

ME:  “Yes.”


2 Hours Into The Road Trip…


K:  “Can I smoke a cigarette in Henri Le Celica?”

ME: “No. I want to conserve smoking in Henri Le Celica as little as possible so we don’t reek like cigarettes forever.”

K (pouting): FINE.”


3 Hours Later…


ME: ” Let’s smoke a cigarette now.”

K (excited):  “Really???”

ME:  “Yes. Just be really careful not to let ash fly and put it out in this water bottle.”

4 Seconds Later… K looks around with exaggeration.  She is no longer smoking.

ME: “What?”

K: “Um, I THINK my cigarette flew out the window, but I’m not really sure what happened to it. The wind was soooo strong and it just flew out of my hand!”

ME: “KRISTA!  This is why I said NO SMOKING in Henri Le Celica!  Look in the backseat!  NOW, before the whole car is on fire!”

K looks around.

K (triumphant):”I found it!  And I think the cherry was still on it!”



2 Hours Later…


ME:  “Okay, we’re almost there.  Just read the map and tell me where to turn, since we don’t have GPS.”

K: “Errrr. I don’t know how to read a map. It’s dark in here. What should I do?”



So, two sisters finally arrived in not-so-sunny San Diego.  We went to Sea World, we went to two beaches, we ate tons of yummy, delicious meals, we had lots of fun with my friend Jo, and we had the requisite 2.5 fights about nothing and everything that is mandatory for every road trip involving family members.  I was glad I put “Sister Road Trip” on my 35 Before 35…

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